Plus-size underwear and pajamas

Too often we underestimate the criteria for the choice of domestic, intimate and night clothing (plus size pajamas). Yet, if you stop and think about it, these are the clothes we wear to the greatest number of hours during a day and therefore they should be more comfortable as possible. The same can be done for women and men, and it must also apply to people of a certain size that don’t find their size in regular measures.

At Aldo Moda’s you can find clothing for plus size man in Milan, and not only pants and jeans but also plus sizes pajamas and underwear, which fit perfectly to the body shape and measures of every more robust and higher man, which has the same right of regular size people: to feel comfortable and free in his movements.

The men’s pajamas offered by Aldo Moda are available in different colors and models: fashions and trends clothing that have nothing to envy to the regular size ones. The fabrics are soft and accompanying the body shapes without forcing them, but they caressing them in a delicate way.

The same goes for women’s plus size dressing gowns and pajamas offered by Aldo Moda: they are elegant garments that have been finished in the details, made with quality hypoallergenic fabrics, and perfect to be worn during the day or night.

The plus size lingerie for women is quite particular: find undergarments that don’t have graceful forms and are not seductive and sensual like every woman deserves to be, it is not always easy for those who are not part of the normal sizes. However, the plus size clothing of Aldo Moda in Milan give a wide choice of single or coordinated fashion lingerie, able to dress up the figure giving some size smaller or sliding gently on the body shapes without constraints. Those looking for a shop for plus size woman in Milan, finds Aldo Moda like an essential point of reference.

Even a man with impressing tonnage needs an underwear that suited to his needs, which is not pressing him and not cause trouble during the day: Aldo Moda offers a huge selection of calibrated and plus sizes that follow any need. We are ready to provide the basic elements for a plus size intimate dressing that will be simple and functional garments, ranging from pajamas to the boxer and dressing gown, from bathrobe to shirts. Nightgowns and petticoats complete our framework.