Your Shop of Plus sizes in Milan

Our store of large sizes is located in Milan’s historic district named Niguarda, also famous for the hospital. We’re on the main street where the tram passes, and so easily reachable from the center and the periphery of the city.

Since 1960, Aldo Moda is the reference for those who are looking for a store of plus sizes and extra-strong clothing, for both men and women, and not only in Milan. In fact our shop is easily accessible either by your own or public transport, and is located in Via Luigi Ornato 19, in the historic district of Niguarda in Milan where our four windows are well known to all. The store and showroom are huge and welcoming, and in here you can find a staff always able to meet all needs of customers looking for an elegant dress or a casual wear.

Whatever you preferred style is, Aldo Moda offers a wide collection of large sizes clothes and clothing for men and women. It also offers lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear and many accessories. Among the many exposed models you can choose shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, dresses, skirts, jackets and formal wear, all in plus and extra-strong sizes, long and extra-long. Modern or classic cuts and elegant fabrics or sports clothes characterise our showroom with a wide range of models designed to meet many tastes and needs of each client.