Plus Sizes
Man Milan

Plus Sizes Man Milan

A modern man can alternate his outfits with elegant, classical and casual clothing, depending on the occasion. For this reason, in this store for plus sizes men in Milan, Aldo Moda has created a collection that can satisfy all customers: those who are looking for a dress for the office, those who ask for a wedding dresses, and also customers looking for classic or sports trousers or jeans.

Aldo Moda’s store offers very assorted classical and sports areas, with collections that follow the colors of fashion and the newest fabrics and materials. It also allow the man who dresses plus, long and extra-long size, to find a practical and elegant clothing. For everyday life, for the office, for a walk or a trip outdoors, Aldo Moda offers clothes, jeans, sweaters or pants for every man with large, long and extra-long sizes, and is able to meet even the most demanding customer needs.

In the store, customers will find a dedicated and experienced staff that will suggest the best choice from a wide collection of wedding ceremony, classic clothing and sports outfits.


Plus Sizes Man Elegant Clothing Classic

Our area dedicated to elegant dresses is very assorted and offers a large selection from regular lines to half strong one, through the long and extra-long sizes, to get up to those plus and extra-strong sizes.


Plus size formalwear

Significant moments require appropriate garments. Finding suitable formalwear is important not only to feel comfortable on official occasions, involving exposure to external glances, but above all to participate in a serene and fulfilling way to the joy of relatives and friends.


Plus size casual clothes

Modern man knows how to elegantly alternate classic and casual clothes, depending on the occasion. For this reason we have created a collection at our plus-size menswear store in Milan that can satisfy everyone.